Tops benefits of contractor SEO services

If your website is left without any update and modifications at regular intervals of time, then your websites may discarded from the search engine gradually. On the other hand, if you have opened your business recently and want to increase your online, you can take assistance from the SEO service providers which can aid your business effectively in the near future.

Prior to taking any decisions, bear in mind that SEO services provided for contractors don’t give overnight success. Though the progress is very slow at the initial stages, but once you start achieving results gradually you will be in the top position. So, you need to focus on the work with dedication and sincere effort.

  • Increases online visibility

The major benefit of contractor SEO services is it increases your online visibility of the brand. The online platform has provided highly competitive environment for a great number of companies. Their main business goal is to enhance the brand visibility of the product and also ensures that all the potential customers know your name while looking for your product and services.


  • Good online reputation

Your online reputation goes a long route to the search engines and the customers. A reputed contractor SEO company will increase the rank of your website on a regular basis.

  • Increase traffic for your site

The best contractor SEO services in this regard will get more traffic to your site. As the rank of the website increases, you can see more number of potential customers towards your site which gradually increases customer base and revenue to the site.

Your website will be planned and designed by considering about the target audience in mind. The best contractor SEO services will host a great number keywords and phrases which are used by the customers on regular basis.

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Buying the best and unique cocktail drum sets

The cocktail drum set is the highest quality, best sounding and most flexible drum set in the present market. These musical instruments are packed with the highest standard quality features and a huge sound. This is perfect for the professional drummers who require a minimal footprint. These drum sets offers you with more set up and tuning options compared to any other models.

Cocktail drum set reviews

Online is the best place to start your research for the right cocktail drum sets for your specific requirements. Some of the cocktails drum sets are available with a wide variety of configurations. If you are wondering about how to choose a cocktail drum set, then read the online cocktail drum set reviews. The online reviews provide valid information about the unique features and other details about the particular type of the cocktail drum set. With the help of online reviews you can get a brief idea regarding the best deal on the cocktail drum sets.

Quality and durability

4Quality and the durability are also major factors that you need to consider while buying the cocktail drum set. Choose the one which suits your need and budget. You also get the modern version of this old school version of the cocktail drum sets. These cocktail drums were produced in the year of 1940 and it is also comprised of 20 inch cymbal, a snare drum, vertical bass drum and other assorted percussion. If you are thinking about how to choose a cocktail drum set for your stage show, then go through the online cocktail drum set reviews to know more about the same.

There are no good alternatives for this drum set when it comes to maximizing portability and also to minimize the stage spaces. This is very much helpful in offering an offbeat or retro appearance to a group.

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Heighten Your Knowledge About The Side-Effects Of Lipozene

With people constantly looking to find ways to lose their extra body fat in the minimum time possible, technology has found an easy solution to address this issue. The advancement in science has actually produced items that help shed those extra pounds without much physical effort. One of these is the Lipozene diet pill that is enlisted under the name of the Obesity Research Institute, LLC.


These pills offer a great way to lose weight quickly, but like any treatment or over the counter pharmaceutical, there are few risks of encountering side-effects from it. Not every person who consumes this special diet pill suffers from Lipozene side-effects, however, there are people who are a little sensitive to some specific sorts of ingredients Usually, the adverse effects of taking Lipozene would just influence the digestive tract and can be treated easily. Among the most common Lipozene side-effects is the gas problem, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, and stomach pain. As is the case with other sorts of weight loss supplements, these reactions can be dodged by gradually increasing fiber consumption. Through this, you will give your body enough time to adjust to the constituents of this diet pill.

More serious side-effects of Lipozene are problems in swallowing, esophageal ailment, change in blood glucose levels and also allergic reactions, such as swelling in the mouth. In the event that you suffer from any Lipozene side-effect, it is not wise to take things lightly. The aftereffects of taking distinctive medications could fluctuate from individual to individual. Along these lines, don’t believe that the issue is anything but difficult to manage on the grounds that in spite of the fact that these reactions may happen rarely, the greater part of them could become serious if left untreated. It is advisable to see a specialist when you encounter serious uneasiness.

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Opt for cheap Minecraft servers hosting to get amazing results

The most vital aspect of hosting Minecraft server is, it allows the players to play this creative game along with friends and other outsiders as well. This game has gone through drastic change since the time it came into the world of online games. The early stage of the game is entirely different from what is currently in existence. In the Minecraft games of the current era, the players can create amazing buildings and at the same instance of time can fight with attackers as well.

People who have played Minecraft games since long time, would have naturally gained a quite lot of control over the gaming strategies. If you are one among the Minecraft player, then its better suggested to opt for Minecraft server, it’s definitely proven as best investment from the future point of view. While having your own server, then definitely you will be the boss of your game. You will be having complete control over the game and you will be capable of creating backups and can try out with other new gaming experience as well.


There are great numbers of Minecraft hosts who have already invested in the server. Though investing in these types of servers is quite big investment, but it is an expensive and tedious task. So, in this regard people can opt for cheap Minecraft server services rather than normal hosting services. There are unlimited benefits of having your own Minecraft server and at the same instance of time it’s easy to get started with the same.

The process of developing a gaming server is quite tedious and time consuming as well. So, in this regard the best way to choose the servers from Minecraft server hosting companies. This is considered as one of the best options, if your system doesn’t have the capability to handle server on its own. Make sure that you are doing all these just for the sake of fun and playing games along with your friends and not to battle with the technical issues of the server.

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Let’s Understand the Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin is a highly popular product now days and its benefits are unlimited to human race. Researchers have been going on from 70s to know the other benefits that this herb can yield. Weight loss is one of the most popular reasons why people use it but there are many other benefits that it can provide. The herb from which forskolin is extracted is coleus forskohli which has a wide range of benefits. Various studies have shown that this herb can also help in treating inflammatory disease eczema.

Other than this, forskolin is also highly beneficial in health diseases as well. It helps in the relaxing of the muscles in the cardiovascular area. Forskolin has also shown a lot of benefits to the patients of glaucoma. Benefits of forskolin to glaucoma patients were shown in a research conducted in 1980s. People looking forward to tanning their skin can also turn to this product as researchers have already proved that the herb from which forskolin is extracted helps in the tanning of skin to great extend. The forskolin safety review side effect has made the people think that forskolin is a bad product which can harm human body but the truth is vice versa. The huge number of frauds appearing in the market is the major reason behind this myth.

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How to Get a Vietnam Visa for an Indian Passport Holder

Citizens of 163 nations including India can now travel to Vietnam and obtain its Visa on Arrival facility. This means that a lot of Embassy rules and regulations can now be avoided. However, any traveler who seeks to obtain this type of visa must meet three requirements, which are:

  • Posses a passport that has six months of validity left prior to the date of his/her travel.
  • Posses a passport that has at least two blank pages left.
  • Travel to Vietnam by air.

Tourist Visa v/s Business Visa

For Indians seeking the tourist visa, they must know that it has a validity of just a month, while the business one allows you to stay for three months from the date of travel mentioned in the application form vietnam visa on arrival reviews.

Benefits of Visa on Arrival


Getting on arrival visa gives you several big benefits.

  • No need to collect documents for application.
  • No need to provide guarantee letter from sponsor.
  • Can enter all personal details in an online form only.
  • Cheaper than those visas available through embassies.
  • Process of visa on arrival is faster.

How to Get the Visa on Arrival

There are two ways in which you can obtain a visa on arrival. In the first option, the Immigration Department issues a letter that you are officially allowed to enter the country. This letter can be obtained by filling an online form and paying a processing fee. This can take two days. The second option is to get the visa stamped on arrival. For this, you need to submit a passport-sized photograph along with the same form.

The visa on arrival cost can range anywhere from between USD 30 to USD 55 depending on the type of visa you require. Start applying online in time to save problems later.

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Shilajit- A Natural And Powerful Herb Offering A Multitude Of Benefits

Shilajit, ordinarily known as Shilajitu in the science of Ayurveda, is a sort of resin that oozes out from the Himalayan Mountains because of heat in the summers. It is light brown to blackish in color and is extremely soft in texture and slimy to touch. It is easily soluble in water. Other popular names by which it is being known in different parts of the world are asphaltum, girij and also mineral pitch.

It is basically an end product of the plant matter, which had decomposed several hundred years ago and got dumped in the mountains because of pressure, leading to its preservation. Shilajit is easily being found in the Himalayan range, particularly in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet and also at Kumaon in India.

Various benefits Shilajit:


  • It is an incredible herb that helps in enhancing the strength and endurance in men while increasing sex drive.
  • Shilajit is highly useful for diabetic patients as it helps in metabolizing glucose.
  • It is unequivocally prescribed in renal calculi cases.
  • It is also helpful in treating different stomach problems like pain, gastritis, heartburn and constipation.
  • Good results have been seen in many fistulae related health issues.
  • It helps the liver to work correctly and to aid in the proper discharge of the juices and catalysts vital for appropriate digestion.
  • It helps in cleaning blood because of its anti-microbial action.
  • Shilajit acts in strengthening the nervous system and is, therefore, is highly useful in conditions like paralysis, hemiplegia and so forth.
  • It also helps to treat depression, stress, anxiety, epilepsy and mental fatigue.
  • It enhances intelligence levels and helps in increasing concentration, subsequently improving the learning abilities.

Clearly, Shilajit is a miracle herb that does not simply stimulates the body to feel energetic, but also offers a multitude of various health benefits.


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Psychic readings- a domain yet to be explored

From time immemorial, human beings have been quite eager to know more about their unknown future. Every individual is worried about their settlement and progress in future which in turn makes them opt for several ways to know more about the unknown. This common trait has developed a new form of psychological studies known as psychic readings. One must learn more about psychic readings before taking sessions from psychics.


Firstly they should know that psychic reading is not permissible method of knowing the future in view of science. It is more of an assumption than a proven fact. The person who is doing the reading uses his or her strong sense of perception to judge the vibes radiating from the person, with help of his or her ability of visioning also known as clairvoyance, feeling also known as clairsentience, hearing or clairaudience and factual knowing or claircognisance.

The assumptions or forecast made about the individual’s future are often a precognitive one rather than something with basic factual proves. In spite of this uncertainty and trust issues psychic readings can prove to be beneficial for people suffering with depression or fearing the unseen days. Often people doing psychic readings claim that they have got that supernatural power of foreseeing the unknown events and they use several techniques to conclude their readings.

Scientific skepticism might go against psychic readings but this consultation provided by experts at a nominal fee has been prevailing in the society since long. It’s about personal belief and what people can trust. However strongly criticized they are the readers are of the opinion that people are showing interest to learn more about psychic readings. Thus if an individual wants to have a psychic reading done, he or she should first chose a particular method among several ones and then learn more about it and then go for the session to avoid unnecessary complications at a later stage.

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Explore the features of top rated convertible car seats 2015

Convertible seats are very much essential while taking baby on longer travel. Babies that are less than 20 pounds can make use the two categories of car seats, i.e. infant seats and convertible seats. The convertible car seats can be adjusted both in front and back direction as per your requirements.

Safety features are very much important when it comes to the matter of top rated convertible car seats 2015 and this factor should be considered very seriously. The peekaboo baby collection includes convertible car seats that are well equipped with latch and the tether system and thus makes the installation process quite easy. These convertible car seats should be installed without any sort of issues and should provide utmost safety and security. If in the case the seat belt is not installed properly, it can lead to serious injury to the child in case of any accident either it may be small or big.


The convertible car seat must and should include safety belts and straps for the shoulders and the legs. These types of seats are considered as the safest for your child. It’s better suggested to make use of automatic seat adjustments. The seat covers should be quite easily removable in order to wash when it becomes dirty. Most of the parents often overlook at the comfort of the car seat, the car seat should provide sufficient space for the child to move arms and legs freely. Padding is an added advantage for the head of the baby.

Cost is the other important factor which should not be neglected. Top rated convertible car seats 2015 are available in the market with high end features. Higher end models in this category will last for longer period. So make a wise choice as per your needs and budget consideration.

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Wedding tips to hire a reliable videographer

The Internet is the most commonly used method to search for wedding videographers. Some couples still use the traditional method of browsing through the local telephone directory or the yellow pages for such professionals. A few people are lucky enough to procure recommendations from relatives or friends who have recently been married. No matter how you choose the videographer, adhering to some of these wedding tips will help you get the best video to capture the memories for several generations.


An important factor that affects the quality of the final product is the sound and camera setup. Although most people are not technically sound, such expertise is not actually needed. Checking how old the equipment is and avoiding videographers who use cameras that are older than five years is recommended. Having multiple camera and sound setups will provide you assurance of not missing any important event during the entire day. Most couples do not clarify if editing is part of the package, which can be a nasty surprise at a later time. Having to shell out additional money for the editing services is one of the biggest oversights common when signing a contract for wedding videography.

Another common oversight is determining the congeniality of the chosen wedding videographer. Some people may wonder why this is important and how does it affect the final product. This is simply because the professional will be regularly dealing with you, your family members, friends, and guests. Having an abrasive professional will not be beneficial in creating a friendly and comfortable environment while being ineffective in directing people to get the best coverage. Having someone who is polite and assertive is an important requisite you need to determine before making your final hiring decision. Adhering to these tips assures you procure the best services to capture the memories of your most important day.

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A reliable and effective growtopia hack

Most players who enjoy this game put in plenty of efforts trying to find ways and resources that give them access to free growtopia gems. Many of them give up because of the frustration of not finding an effective and reliable growtopia hack to procure unlimited number of gems. The game allows players to earn gems by breaking blocks or harvesting trees. This is a very cumbersome and long-drawn task, which limits the progress of the players. To move ahead faster and gain access to the unlimited universe of unlimited worlds available in this game; players need gems. The other way is to purchase these but it is not always possible for most individuals to have spare money for this purpose.


This resource provides an excellent source to find a reliable and easy to use growtopia hack, which gives players access to an unlimited number of free gems. Developed and tested by a team of experienced and professional coders, this cheat has been used by hundreds of account holders to get growtopia gems and achieve competitive positions in this game. The hack is completely safe and virus free, which means individuals are assured of not compromising the security of their accounts while using this hack to get access to any number of gems.

The hack is compatible with all kinds of operating systems, which include Windows, Android, Mac, and iOs without any additional roots or jail break requirements. The site provides a download link, which takes you to a very easy to use interface to commence using this growtopia hack. You do not have to install the hack and only need to provide your growtopia ID and choose the number of gems you want before clicking the Generate button. Within a short time, your account will be credited with this number and you can enjoy the game.

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What Should You Know About Astuce Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans is an innovative strategy game which is specially designed for smartphones and is available for different OS platforms like Android, iOS and Windows too. This game was launched in 2012, and till today it is amongst top 5 most downloaded games, which has grabbed a record breaking earning of $2.4 million dollars. Best thing about this game is that gamers can enjoy it absolutely free but at the same time they can purchase different gems, gold and elixir inside the game to build a strong army. However, astuce clash of clans will help you in unleashing a perfect way where you can dominate your opponents without paying too much.


Now, earning gems and gold in the game is pretty difficult. In such situations, a perfect cheat can come a long way. With the right cheat codes you can unlock your path towards endless opportunities that will help you in playing and earning better. Hence, to help the gamers developers have created hacking apps which can be used for getting unlimited gems, gold and elixir too. The apps generate the maximum resources that you need to play the game in a successful manner.

For using these apps in the best possible way, all that you will need is your clash of clans’ username and then you are good to go. The astuce clash of clans will generate your desired resources which automatically get added up in your account. In addition to that, these apps even offer automatic checking so that you can discover the latest updates and unleash the best strategies too. After all, clash of clans is all about the perfect strategy and there is no way that you are going to lose in this game when you hold an unlimited source of essential resources from a reliable app.

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Meet some Effective Houston SEO Services for Website Promotion

Search engine optimization calls for a huge and humungous task. The website optimization, also known as the onsite optimization, involves the method of “fine tuning” your website so that the site is able to meet different SEO needs, thus be able to get high rankings at search engine. They will then use some terms, better known as keywords and make sure the rankings go high. These higher and better rankings will generally lead to getting higher amount of traffic and also get more targeted users to the website.

SEO companies are always ready to serve client meet their website’s seo objectives, which will then help them to increase the number of visitor or traffic and also the conversions rate. One should contact some search engine optimization experts so that one is able bring you good project proposal. Thus the job remains that one understands this things well. Here are some of the Houston seo services which will be provided once you approach any SEO expert in Houston:-


They will help you then in understanding your business and also spend considerable time and effort in understanding the SEO part of your website. SEO companies will allow you to understand the efficient product and market strategy. They will also then make use of the available resources to yield maximum results. The SEO services will take efforts in understanding the necessary customer decision making process. One will be able to make a framework and then also make use of it in understanding the website structure, even navigation & avail of content requirements.

With the help of SEO companies, you can analyze even the current status of the website present on a search engine. So, those were the various Houston seo services provided to people who are look to increase their website traffic.

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Missed you favourite anime series? Watch Online!

Kids love to watch cartoons on television because they are really funny. Kids want something new and different every time when they watch something. Watching the anime, kids do many things simultaneously. So, completing homework, watching free anime serials is too hard for them. This has been a major issue with many kids and resulted in the fight between parents and small children.

Now, all your worries are to be gone. If you are not able to watch a special or particular episode because of some restriction, then you can make use of the internet facilities. Online videos are streamed which can bring in the same excitement within you while you watch them. They are permanently there on the site. All you have to do is sit and watch them depending on your schedule and time.


Free anime videos teach a lot of new things to the kids. They include some creativity and are always fun intended. They never make the kids dull and lethargic. Free animated videos are fantastic means to teach something to them. They may not be realistic, but they certainly imbibe the creativity part among them. So, kids who have all worries of missing their favourite video can watch the online videos stream. These sites offer the same quality of picture and video. So, you can see the complete episode on one go without any ads as well. This saves time and the energy. Animation can create characters which are of same age as kids and hence kids can well connect to them. They can experience the world in their perspective and develop new ideas for different things.

There are different series which are categorized into different genres depending on the age group, available and polarity. The benefit of watching online video is that you can try some new videos by reading the reviews by other users who watch different series other than you.

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American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Who Nurse practitioners are

 Nurse practitioners are a class of healthcare professionals who enjoy the status of quasi- physicians in the US. They too like doctors & physicians dispense with medical care by examining patients & writing prescriptions for medicines. They work in hospitals, primary health centers and at their own practice offices, though they have never gone to the medical schools & have done no medical residencies like doctors & physicians do to obtain an MD degree in medicine. Basically they are the registered nurses (RNs), who on the basis of their experience in nursing, higher education going up to Master’s or even a PhD & intensive clinical training programs, become qualified to be certified. This is on passing the prescribed certification exam as a certified nurse practitioner in a particular specialty like family practice, pediatrics, geriatrics, etc. They are certified to be fully competent to treat common diseases & provide services at the primary healthcare level as well as for handling acute health problems. Actually the concept of a nurse practitioner took roots in the USA about fifty years ago during the mid-sixties of the 20th century to meet the challenge of a countrywide scarcity of doctors & physicians prevailing at that time. Today NPs like physician assistants have become an integral part of the primary healthcare services in the US. As on date, there are more than 150,000 certified nurse practitioners in the country as against over 2.50 million RNs and they are working independently as well as collaboratively in teams with the doctors & physicians. They are, in fact, playing a very important role in the healthcare sector and are regarded as the providers of a comprehensive brand of healthcare which is oriented more towards overall health & wellbeing of their patients, especially in the rural areas.

 What an Academy means

The term academy is said to have originated from the Greek term ‘Akademia’. In fact, the famous Greek philosopher & teacher, Plato had set up his school of philosophy at a place called Akademia, near Athens in Greece, about 2,400 years ago. The term academy, therefore, came to signify any institution of advanced training & learning or research, etc. However, today, the term academy is used quite loosely for widely diverse purposes. A number of ordinary schools & colleges are calling themselves as academies. Many training institutions providing vocational & all sorts of trainings are named as academies-for example there is even an American Academy of Pet Grooming. Even various industry bodies use this term, a world famous example of which is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences which chooses the best films & artists for the annual Academy awards every year. There are plenty of military & police training academies such as US Military Academy, United States Air Force Academy & United States Naval Academy-to quote a few. Various national associations & organizations of professionals are calling themselves as academies like- the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics and so on. Following this modern custom & common usage, the nurse practitioners too conveniently chose to name their representative organization which they formed about 25 years ago as the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is the main representative organizational body of the nurse practitioners (NPs) of all hues and specialties in the US. It was founded in the year 1985.

Location of AANP

 The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners functions from two distinct offices- one for managing its administrative affairs while the other for liaison with various Govt/ legislative bodies to shape the national health policies & other NP-related issues.

i) AANP National Administrative Office, Austin – For looking after various administrative activities & functions of the Academy it has got an administrative office which is located at Austin in Texas State.

 ii) AANP Office of Health Policy, Washington – This office, which is actually the cutting edge of the AANP, is located near the seat of the Federal Government in Washington DC to keep in close & continuous touch with policy makers and others who matter in deciding the destiny of its members–the NPs.

 Membership Status

It claims to represent more than 148,000 NPs. Of these about 33,000 enjoy full individual membership, while the rest are its indirect members through other NP group organizations numbering over 160. It is the sole full membership organization of its kind in the whole country. It encourages the direct individual membership of NPs who are presently represented indirectly through its group members, by offering them a concession of $10 in the membership fee payable by them as individual members of the AANP.

Objects of AANP

 The main mission of the organization is to fight for the protection of the rights & interests of its members by taking the issues related to the welfare of the NPs to the highest levels in the government and legislative bodies. Its other main objects are:

  • To strive for raising the levels of education, research and practice as related to the NPs.
  • Another object of focus for the AANP is to espouse necessary changes in the Government’s health policy for strengthening and giving proper direction to the future of the healthcare system in the nation.
  • It also aims to build up & project the image of the NP and secure a befitting role for the nurse practitioners in the national healthcare fraternity.

Structure & governance of AANP

 The whole national network of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is divided into 11 regions. Each of these covers a congruous group of states and is headed by a Regional Director.

The academy’s affairs are governed by a Board of Directors comprising of five executive committee members & eleven regional directors all of which are elected by its members. Each of the member states in the 11 regions also elect their individual state representatives who provide local liaison for its members & other NPs in the state.

Who can join AANP as Members?

 Apart from fully qualified & established veteran NPs to students attending NP-programs & education and even those who are just entering the NP-schools are welcome to join the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as members.

Various Categories of Membership

 There are different types of memberships of the Academy under individual category as listed below:

Individual Members Category

i) Full Membership – This category of membership is available to anyone who has completed the NP program and is a certified NP. The annual charges for this membership are US$115. The members in this class are entitled to full voting rights for the state & national elections of the AANP. But to be eligible for any office of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners at the national or state level, such a member must have completed a minimum of 12-month term as a member.

  1. ii) Associate Membership – This type of membership is meant for anyone who is not an NP but is a sympathizer for the cause of the profession and wants to contribute towards the furtherance of the mission of the AANP. Fee for this category is the same as for a full member but such a member does not get any voting rights for its elections. He/she is also not eligible to hold any office of the academy.

iii) Student Membership – Student membership comes at a concessional price of $55 per year only and is available to anyone who has joined an entry level NP-program, on production of a valid proof of enrollment in such a program. Student members get the voting rights for state elections only. They are also entitled to seek state level office only after remaining a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners for a period of 12 months.

  1. iv) Retiree Membership – There is a separate category of membership for NPs who have retired from the practice but want to continue their active association with the academy & the NP community. The annual fee rate is same as for the student members – $ 55 and voting rights are also like them, available only for state elections (no voting rights for national elections). Such members can also seek an AANP office at the state level only, after remaining a good member for the previous 12 months.
  2. Group Members category

 The main purpose of allowing the group membership of AANP was to mobilize the mutual support, advocacy & networking with American Academy of Nurse Practitioners of the various NP groups & NP educational programs, etc.

Group membership has been divided into 6 types for charging of annual fee purposes depending upon the member-strength of the group as follows:

Group strength             Annual fees

Below 100 members         $185

100 – 249 members           $200

250 – 499 members         $225

500 – 999 members           $250

1000-3000 members         $300

Above 3000 members       $400

The AANP provides the online facility for applying & joining it as well as for renewing the membership. The academy also compiles and makes available an up-to-date online directory of its members.

Developmental Activities of the AANP

 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners plays an active role for making available the latest information regarding various educational programs available for NPs and also provides the details of the latest research & development activities taking place in the medical field for the benefit & professional growth of its NP-members. AANP also arranges/organizes a number of workshops, seminars & conferences where experts & resource persons are invited to interact and share their knowledge & expertise with the members of the academy.

Important Services for NPs provided by AANP

 A) Conduct of National Certification/Re-certification Examination for NPs

It is an important service the AANP provides to the NPs-both members & non-members. Under its National Certification Program the AANP administers National Certification Examination for evaluating the competency-knowledge & expertise of nurse practitioners and certifies them for practice in the three specialties of family practice, adult NP and gerontology. The Academy charges an exam fee of $315 from non-members while the members are given a discount and are charged only $240 for the same purpose.

Certified NPs have to pass a recertification exam every 5 years to maintain their certification. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners comes to their help here also and arranges for their re-certification through specially designed exams as well as verification of their having completed the continuing education requirements. The Academy charges its members the discounted recertification fees of $120, while the non-members are required to shell out the higher fees of $195.

B) Verification of certification for NPs

 Another valuable service extended to the NPs, whether a member or not, by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is supplying the verification of the national certification of certified nurse practitioners for a nominal charge of $30. In case of an emergency verification, the Academy charges a higher fee of $45.

C) Continuing Education (CE) Services for NPs

 Completing certain hours of CE is a very important requirement for recertification of NPs. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is playing an important role in this area too. A few examples of such services extended by the AANP are given below:

i) Online Portal - One of the services it provides for this purpose to the NPs is in the form of an online CE portal called AANP CE Center. The portal allows a member NP to register for login ID & password to gain online access to various CE activities, along with testing & evaluation facilities online. On successful completion of these activities, the system generates necessary credits certificate online for the NP using this service.

ii) Calendar of CE activities - Another CE service made available by AANP is the compilation & updating of a CE-programs calendar for the NPs. The calendar provides information regarding the scheduled dates & venues as well as the required contact details of various AANP accredited CE programs and details of various providers of CE for different NP-specialties.

iii) Listing of Self-study CE Opportunities - The Academy also provides compiled details of a variety of self study programs meant for NP – continuing education purposes. These cover many online programs, journals, publications & monographs, etc.

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